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Wise Choice, is here to help you make a wiser choice in your every day food intake. Whether or not you’re on a keto diet, low carb diet, or just watching what you eat, Wise Choice is here to make life easier.
Our meals are all completely Keto friendly. They are great for people who:  are on the go, don’t cook, new to keto/low carb, just need meals for lunch or dinner because they don’t want to go out to eat all the time, nurses, doctors, truck drivers, kids, and much more! Wise Choice, provides large portions of a mixture of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.
There is a new menu every week that you can pick and choose which meals you’d like and the quantity of each meal you would like. Delivery is made every Sunday afternoon If you’re within our 25 miles region. (If you’re outside our region, give us a message and we can see what we can do to work with you).
These meals are completely organic, and grass fed meats. There are no preservatives or processed goods. You’ll love the taste and it won’t even feel like you’re making a “wiser choice” in your food intake.
To reheat, simply pop your meal prep containers in the microwave under the “reheat” setting or for 2 minutes. Some customers even reheat it on the stove top or oven. Which ever ”Wise Choice” you prefer.
These meals can last up to a week and a half for freshness. Feel free to preserve them in a freezer if that’s what you think is best. As long as your fridge is at 34 degrees or lower Wise Choice meals will be just fine.

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